On this day...Ruben Olivares stopped Zensuke Utagawa

On this day Rubén Olivares who is now a retired Mexican professional boxer and also regarded as one of the greatest bantamweight champions in boxing history, stopped Zensuke Utagaw in the seventh round. He has achieved significant success throughout his career and remains a popular figure in the sport of boxing based on his accolades, particularly in Mexico,

It was Rubén Olivares who proved his prowess once again when he won the vacant WBA featherweight world title with this win.. His opponent, Zensuke Utagawa from Japan, was knocked out by an uppercut which was then followed by a right hand from Olivares. The knockout occurred at 1 minute and 29 seconds of the seventh round, with Olivares dominating every round prior and scoring two knockdowns in the seventh round as well.

The Associated Press had an unofficial scorecard after six completed rounds that Olivares leading the fight 5 round to 1. The fight took place at the Forum, in Inglewood, California, with an attendance of 13,300 people. The gate revenue amounted to $127,400. The reported fighter pay for Rubén Olivares was $50,000, while Utagawa received $15,000 for his participation in the bout.

Olivares held multiple world championships and is known for his exceptional punching power, which made him a fan favorite. He currently holds the record for the most wins in unified title bouts in the history of the bantamweight division, with a total of six victories. This accomplishment speaks to his iconic status in the sport of boxing. 

Beyond his boxing career, Olivares also dabbled in the entertainment industry. He made appearances in Mexican movies, both as a lead actor and in cameo roles.