Roy Jones Jr. Reveals: David Benavidez Has Been Pursuing Canelo Alvarez for Years

Hall-of-fame boxer Roy Jones Jr., knows a thing or two about the fight game. The former four-division world champion, who was iconic in his era, as the most exciting fighter of his decade after Mike Tyson, caught up recently with Fight Hub TV, to speaking about this mythical match-up fight fans are yearning for. 

Jones Jr., a long-reigning super middleweight world champion, gave his honest take on the situation - and if he thinks we will see Canelo Alvarez versus David Benavidez in the fall.

David Benavidez's Size Advantage Makes Prediction Tricky in Super Middleweight Bout

What makes the fight so tricky to predict is the size of David Benavidez. Benavidez is six-feet, two-inches, tall towering over most super middleweights. Add to it, the downhill nature of Benavidez, who when prompted will not stop letting his hands go, makes for a rough night for nearly any fighter.

“It’s a tough fight for [Canelo], tougher than people think,” said Jones Jr. “I think David definitely wants to fight. I just don’t know. I think Canelo is probably just waiting the time, or waiting for the right time [to fight fight David Benavidez].”

The two share a mutual opponent - former IBF super middleweight world champion, Caleb Plant. Canelo Alvarez stopped Caleb Plant in round eleven of a scheduled twelve round fight, whereas David Benavidez picked up a twelve round unanimous decision over Plant. Jones feels this also plays a bit into the fight.

“You can’t take nothing away from Canelo, because Canelo did stop Caleb [Plant],” said Roy Jones Jr. “David didn’t stop Caleb. So in Canelo’s eyes, he is still the better fighter right now, and David wants to prove ‘no, I am the better fighter’.”

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