Robert Garcia Picks Ryan Garcia Against Tank Davis

You’d be hard pressed to find a better coach in the sport of boxing than Robert Garcia. A multi-time world champion coach, along with a world champion in his own right as a prizefighter, Garcia has done it all, and seen it all. 

When asked by Fight Hub TV, about the April 22nd, fight live from the T-Mobile Arena, between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia, Robert Garcia, of no relation to Ryan Garcia, favored the underdog.  

“Do I think Ryan has the speed and power to land and [hurt Davis] - Yes,” said Robert Garcia to Fight Hub TV. “I pick Ryan because he's too fast, and hits very, very hard.”

For Garcia, Ryan Garcia’s power is most easily compared to Deontay Wilder’s. A heavyweight with a limited skillset, but possibly the hardest puncher the sport of boxing has ever seen. Despite many opponents have more tools than Wilder that one punch can change anything, and Garcia feels Davis needs to be very careful in this fight.

When asked if Garcia simply just had a left hook, Garcia did heed much mind to it. As Garcia reflected, even if Ryan Garcia has ‘just a left hook’, it is a very good left hook - and one that needs to be respected since it could change the course of the fight. 

“You know, everybody talks about Wilder only has a straight right hand,” stated Garcia when asked about the left hook of Garcia. "Everybody says that's all Wilder had, but he lands it. So if all of his opponents know that. That's all he's got. Why is he still dropping them? [They train not to get hit with that punch], and he's still landing it. You're right, even [Tyson Fury] himself has been dropped you know a few times you know by Wilder because he's got power so you know he's got power so then avoided and in a twelve [round fight] anybody can land a punch and if it is just the left hook [Garcia] has I think Tank still has to be very careful of that left hook.”