Raul Marquez: Canelo Should Fight Benavidez Next

Former fighter and veteran broadcaster Raul Marquez was recently in Northern California as part of the ShoBox: The Next Generation broadcast team. Albeit, he was broadcasting a national fight, we took time out of his day to ask him about the biggest star in boxing right now Canelo Álvarez.

Marquez, the former IBF junior middleweight world champion of the world, explained how he views Canelo Alvarez’s fight against John Ryder, which will occur on May 6th, on DAZN pay-per-view. For Marquez, the fight is just as much about the location of where the fight is taking place as it is about the opponent.

Marquez quickly turned his attention to Canelo’s future. Marquez made it clear that he’d like to see Canelo face David Benavidez next. Marquez, who was a part of the Spanish language telecast for Showtime when David Benavidez defeated Caleb Plant. Benavidez’s performance was so impressive, it had Marquez buzzing at the idea of the two colliding.

“The fight everyone wants to see is [Canelo] versus ‘The Mexican Monster’ David Benavidez,” said Marquez. “[Benavidez] is coming off a [great] performance against Caleb Plant. He gave Caleb Plant a beating. I think [Benavidez] dominated, he probably could’ve stopped Plant if Plant [did hold as much as he did], I think Benavidez would’ve stopped him.”

Without hesitation, Marquez appears to be advocating for what most rational fight fans want to see. A fight between Canelo Álvarez and David Benavidez - one that according to Benavidez’s team is not out of play.

“I think after this fight with [John] Ryder he needs to get in there with the ‘Mexican Monster’ David Benavidez,” said Raul Marquez.