Ramirez responds to team Lopez: It’s time to stop talking

Robesiy Ramirez, the WBO featherweight champion, might have his next fight lined up for November 4th in Lake Tahoe, but that isn't stopping him from addressing the man he wants to face next, the IBF featherweight world champion, Luis Alberto Lopez.

The two have had two different plights in boxing. Ramirez, a two-time Olympic gold medalist who defeated Shakur Stevenson in 2016, yet lost his pro debut, has seen his whole career happen with a major promoter in Top Rank Inc. Now Ramirez is thought of by many as the best fighter in the featherweight division, he just might not have the accolades to prove that just yet. Luis Alberto Lopez had shed the tag of being a journeyman boxer as he took fights on the b-side and fought above his optimal weight to win marquee bouts. Lopez wasn't supposed to be where he was, he just kept winning as no major promoter guided his career. 

Now the two are seemingly the best in the division, with Leigh Wood making a strong case as well. Recently, Lopez's manager, Hector Fernandez spoke to ProBox TV News and said the following. 

“Venado basically got tired of all the whining from Robeisy Ramirez,” told Fernandez to ProBox TV News. “[Ramirez] keeps on begging for a fight, he is not asking he is begging for a fight. Every single time Venado fights [or] posts something, Robeisy is right there, and always talking crap, always talking smack. Calling out Venado saying he is afraid of him.”

These comments came after Fernandez petitioned the IBF to allow Lopez to seek a voluntary defense as opposed to his mandatory as they wish to seek a fight against Robeisy Ramirez. Ramirez responded via the social media platform X stating that he wants the fight.

"It’s time to stop talking and give the fans what they want," tweeted Ramirez via X. "Cuba vs. Mexico. Champion vs. champion.” 

Fernandez doubled down as he stated that Lopez's team had asked for a fight with Ramirez in December which seemingly won't happen now. 

“Robeisy Ramirez became an attractive option to us because everyone has Venado Lopez as an underdog,” said Fernandez. “Even after the fight with Joet Gonzalez, where Venado didn’t look very good, people don’t know what happened before the fight. Let’s just say he almost had an accident on international television. That being said, Venado looked at me and said ‘damn, I look better when I am the b-side. Let’s just keep on getting on the b-side.' We actually asked Top Rank to make the fight against Robeisy this December in Miami.”