Regis Prograis aims to be a three-time world champion

Regis Prograis has a new goal — becoming a three-time world champion.

Prograis, who lost his junior welterweight WBC world title on Saturday to Devin Haney in a one-sided defeat felt no sorrow for himself after the fight.

Prograis who is a historian of the sport resembles that of an old-school fighter. He took this loss no different than those he molded himself after. No excuses, no blame — just the desire to get better.

Yet, Prograis wanted to clarify one thing — he will remain a junior welterweight. Prograis also expressed an interest in pursuing a career as mixed martial artist. As the sting of a twelve-round unanimous decision might sting to most. Prograis already has new goals. One of which being competing in a different sport. 

“[Haney] is definitely better than I thought he was,” Prograis told ProBox TV and other reporters recently.

"He does have fast feet, good defense, and he has sneaky power, for sure. He doesn’t have that concussive power to knock you out like that, but he does have sneaky power where he can run you right into it.

“Three-time [world] champion [when asked what is next for him and his goals], something I did have in mind and it might be too soon, I do want to leave the sport and do MMA.”

“The other champions its [Subriel] Matias, then they have [Teofimo Lopez] and Rolly [Romero]. Either one, I am going to talk to Eddie [Hearn] and see what we can do, and get in line for one of those belts. 

With a face full of bruises, Prograis answered every question thrown at him. His head held high, but the sting of the rough loss showed in his eyes.

Prograis was not given one round by the judges. Beyond that, he was dropped twice by a fighter he stated prior didn’t have power.

The 34-year-old fighter from New Orleans who will be on the last fight of his three-fight deal with Matchroom Boxing, now will have to wait for a new fight date after his recovery.

Eddie Hearn, the head of Matchroom Boxing explained what he foresees next for Prograis.

“I think he was pretty honest in the ring, after that Devin was just too good tonight,” said Hearn.

“There is no harm in that when you are chasing greatness, at the very elite level. Sometimes you get beat by the better man. I think [Prograis] should be applauded for taking the fight in the first place … a three-time world champion is a helluva an achievement. A one-time world champion is a helluva an achievement. That’s got to be the new aim after he has a little break.”