Prograis: I am hearing Devin lost a fight in Mexico...

Regis Prograis made a bold claim about Devin Haney on social media. Prograis, who faces Haney live on pay-per-view on December 9th, from the Chase Center in San Francisco, California, alleged Haney and his team paid to have a loss expunged from his record during the early developmental days of Haney's career in Mexico.

This rumor was first circulated by Rolando Romero, and now is being echoed by Prograis, as fans seem to be confused about what the truth is. Prograis has never been a trash-talker or an absurd person, so Prograis saying the statement adds some validity, but the statement doesn't have proof to back it up and seems a little unfounded for such a bold claim. 

"So I’m hearing Devin lost a fight in Mexico earlier in his career but he paid to take it off his record. IF that’s true that’s the weakest [expletive] I ever heard so far in boxing. Press conference is Tuesday and y’all reporters better not let this [expletive] slide," posted Prograis to his social media.

The bout which will be contested for Prograis' WBC junior welterweight title seems to have a bit of a story arch as we head into the Tuesday press conference in San Francisco, as this outburst by Prograis will now funnel a good portion of the media event, one might think. It is important to note that no opponent or date was listed by Prograis, so it is hard to research anything about this claim.

Haney won all ten of his fights while fighting in Mexico from 2015 to 2016, as his Haney started his career as a pro very young and couldn't get commissioned for fights in the United States. This was also the wild west in terms of internet streaming as club shows often were in-person events with maybe someone filming a fight with no braodcast feed and putting it on the internet. As of right now, this is just a rumor - but it might lead to some frustrations from both fighters creating entertainment that gets the fans excited for one of the most compelling fights of the fall, and start of winter. 

Haney fired back at Prograis with the following. 

"Only a dumbass would believe some shit like that.. this info is coming from Rolly that should tell u enough," Haney put out on his social media.

Prograis, despite being labeled the underdog against Haney, is the current junior welterweight world champion, and consider one of, if not the best 140 lbs fighter in the world. Haney is the current undisputed lightweight champion who is looking to move up in weight and challenge for a world title at the next division. Prograis' recent dig could also be a shot a Haney who won to some a controversial decision over Lomachenko, which could be a way of poking at him over that fight from earlier this year on ESPN+ PPV. 

Regardless, we might have the rare 'not-all-that-boring' press conference tomorrow in San Francisco given a few social media comments.