Plant on fighting Charlo: "That's a fight that needs to happen"

Caleb Plant, the former IBF super middleweight world champion is making the media rounds once again - and he knows who he wants to fight. That man is Jermall Charlo. 

Recently, Plant stopped by Showtime Sports' The Last Stand podcast hosted by Brian Custer to talk about a future fight with Jermall Charlo.

"Right now my main focus is Jermall Charlo, that is who I want to fight," said Caleb Plant on Brian Custer's podcast, 'The Last Stand'. "[He has] been talking about moving up to [super middleweight] for some time...and that's a fight that needs to happen in boxing."

Jermall Charlo is currently the WBC middleweight world champion but has been inactive for over two years. It is rumored that he will return on November 25th on the David Benavidez versus Demetrius Andrade pay-per-view card, as Custer himself essentially announced and confirmed the fight as well when speaking to Plant. Charlo will face the older brother of David Benavidez, Jose Benavidez Jr., a career junior welterweight and welterweight who recently moved up to middleweight seemingly for a 'big fight' against Charlo. Plant gave his thoughts on this alleged fight.

"I don't think the fans are very happy with [Jermall Charlo versus Jose Benavidez Jr]," furthered Plant about Charlo's next fight which has not been announced yet, but is strongly rumored for the November 25th pay-per-view card headlined by David Benavidez versus Demetrius Andrade. "At the same time, [Charlo] has been out for a second, so if that is what he needs to get things moving, that's on him. That's a fight that needs to happen, me and him."

Plant recently went viral backstage at the Errol Spence versus Terence Crawford fight in which he slapped Jermall Charlo after some conflict had happened prior. This has gotten a lot of attention prompting media personalities to weigh in and sometimes wonder why Charlo didn't strike back. Plant essentially feels he is back in a corner and had to do what he had to do to defend himself and his honor. 

"It just came out of nowhere, if it was up to me, we wouldn't have spoke that day," said Plant about his famous viral moment in which he slapped Jermall Charlo. "I had nothing to do with that. I had to do with settling it, as far as nothing had been brewing, and again, like I said if it was up to me we wouldn't have spoke that day."

Plant has no set return date, but seems to be a very interested observer. Plant is 1-2 in his last two fights as he was stopped by Canelo Alvarez to lose his IBF super middleweight world title, and then knocked out Anthony Dirrell before David Benavidez defeated him earlier this year on PPV. Plant may or may not return this year, but seems to be angling for a fight with Jermall Charlo in 2024, which seems to be also the most compelling fight that can be made with him right now.