Jake Paul on knockout: I think this is the best one

Jake Paul is ready to continue his legacy.

His first-round knockout of Andre August from Caribe Royale from Orlando, Florida, is just the beginning to him, he said. 

Paul, who has shaken up the boxing world, now appears set on getting his respect from the hardcore boxing fans — one who has yet to fully embrace him. Despite being a massive hit at the box office - the purists have still paused on the ascent of Paul. Paul himself feels that his fight against August is his best to date. 

“I think this is the best one, just because it is the first round, calling it the whole entire week.”

“Man, I am just really happy,” said Paul at the post-fight press conference. “That delayed gratification. Working hard this whole entire year, and it just all paying off. The power of manifestation is insane.” 

“When you take this path and you are on top of a sport [and] you got there in three-and-a-half years. There is jealousy, hate, insecure people, of course, they are going to critique and find any little thing that they can to bring me down. What they don’t know is it is just making me bigger. It is just making me stronger.”

Paul, who was in a jovial mood in the post-fight press conference took aim at his haters. He spoke freely as he explained his current beliefs. Paul sees himself as not just as an entertainer, but the life of the party in the sport of boxing. 

“Be quiet. At some point you have to turn that hate into [something constructive]. Y’all went from haters and all this [expletive], we welcome everybody. If you hated me before it's cool. I forgive you. Come to the fun side. I know you want to dance to the Christmas jingle when I am walking out.”