Jake Paul: 'Money doesn't create legacy'

Jake Paul has had a rough 2023 as he suffered the first loss of his pro career earlier this year but the influencer-turned-boxer returns Friday atop an MVP event in Orlando, Florida.

Paul (7-1, 4 KOs), who fights Andre August (10-1-1, 5 KOS) is aware of the criticism that has followed him, and the upcoming show — his first non-PPV — has seemingly sneaked up rather than get shoved to the forefront.

Regardless, Paul seemingly is now on a new path akin to that of an actual boxer, as opposed to an entertainer. 

“I have generated 250 million dollars in pay-per-view revenue,” said Paul. “Money doesn’t create legacy. For me, this is my road to [becoming a] world champion, and it is about getting the experience under the bright lights to actually compete at the highest, highest level and to win and do the unthinkable, and create one of the greatest sports stories in the history of sports.

“Fight a real a boxer, fight someone with more experience than you, fight a real fighter,” said Paul who reflected on the criticism he has had heard during his boxing run.

“It is time to answer [those questions], it is time to show up and put it all on the line. Take those risks, and all the influencer [expletive], the MMA [expletive] is cool, it draws big pay-per-views, it’s fun, it’s super entertaining…none of that was really my goal.”

He continued: “Look I respect Andre as a fighter, three-time Golden Glove champion, more experience, more knockouts, he is strong, powerful, throws good combinations,” said Paul about his opponent. “It is going to be a war, but I just believe that I am more skilled, [and that] I am going to pick him apart, and show the world that I am the better boxer.”

Paul finished: “There is not tons and tons of footage of [Andre August], but we are going to see me outbox him. He can’t move like me, he is not as sharp as me. Skillful, picking him apart, and I doubt he is even going to land a punch."