On this day...Ray Mancini defeated Ernesto España

On this day, Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini made the first defense of the World Boxing Association lightweight world title against Ernesto España, as the bout took place on July 24, 1982, at Mollenkopf Stadium in Warren, Ohio, USA.

Mancini, a longtime favorite of Youngstown, Ohio, was determined and driven by his hometown to defend his title successfully in front of those who paid to see him. Mancini's draw was built around his blue-collar image that made him appealing to all different type of people.

Despite a significant height advantage for España, who was 5'10" compared to Mancini who stood a meager 5'6", it was Mancini who imposed himself throughout the fight. As Mancini timed España's jabs and took control of the fight early. Mancini was effective with throwing a counter-jab that stopped Espana from throwing as much early on.

Mancini sustained a cut above his left eye, which had been opened up in a previous fight. 

In the fourth round, Mancini set off a flurry of of hooks that had España reeling. Referee Stanley Christodoulou, stepped in to to stop the fight, at the end of the round. España's corner also threw in the towel, as Espana was not able to defend himself. 

In the build up for this fight it was reported that Mancini had one of the toughest training camps of his career including running up steep inclines with heavy sandbags, and various modern workouts that were revolutionary at the time.

Mancini made $200,000, with a potential to to make upward to $400,000 based on ticket sales. 

After the fight, it appeared Mancini was boxing's next star. As 'Sugar' Ray Leonard future was up in the air - Mancini appeared to be one of the biggest stars to emerge in America. This win was a pivotal step forward for him.