Raymond Muratalla wants Devin Haney next

The story of the weekend was Raymond Muratalla seemingly vaulting himself into the world title conversation as he handed Diego Torres in a one-sided loss that ended in an eighth-round technical knockout. Taking place at the Tahoe Blue Event Center in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, as part of the Top Rank event on a Saturday night. Muratalla was the star of the show as he turned a 'step-up fight' into a tune-up fight with mere seconds of the first round.

Muratalla unleashed a relentless attack with high-level intelligence mixed with relentless methodical pressure. Though CompuBox stated Torres landed 51 punches on Muratalla, it was hard to believe, but Torres' 17.5% of landed shots seemed to tell a better picture of what happened. Muratalla, on the hand, landed 128 out of 301 punches while landing at an impressive 42.5% connect rate. 

“I’m here to put on a show," said Muratalla after the fight. "Every day I’m working hard to get these opportunities, and I’m showing out.”

After stopping Torres, someone who many believed would be his toughest opponent to date, Muratalla was soft-spoken and quiet as ever after the fight.Without hesitation, when asked who he wants next Muratalla said promptly.

"Devin Haney," stated Muratalla. "He has the belts at 135 [lbs]. I want those belts."

With his eyes on a title shot, Muratalla emphasized his willingness to be in a world title fight, as Muratalla holds a high ranking in the WBO lightweight division, and if Devin Haney vacates his title like many think he will - that could mean in 2024 Muratalla will fight for a vacant belt. Muratalla sees it as the same, he just wants to fight for a title, as his confidence in himself is undeterred. 

“We put in the hard work, and I’m here to take out these opponents," said Muratalla "I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Earlier this year, Muratalla faced adversity when he was surprisingly knocked down in the first round by Humberto Galindo in a fight taking place in Fresno, California. Muratalla would get off the deck to record a ninth round stoppage in that fight.

"I’m here to take whoever. Any champion. I hope my next fight is a title fight."