Brian McIntyre: Errol Spence did what I thought he was going to do

PLANT CITY, FLORIDA: Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre doesn’t think much has changed with Errol Spence Jr., and believes he's still the same fighter he was as an amateur boxer.

McIntyre worked the corners of various fighters during ProBox TV’s Wednesday Night Fights, including Kelvin Davis, the older brother of Keyshawn Davis, and Batyr Jukembayev. 

During his time in Plant City, he stopped by the ProBox TV studio to give a candid interview.

Viewed as the leading candidate for Trainer of the Year in 2023, BoMac broke down his team’s crowning achievement — a July pay-per-view mega-fight that saw Crawford stop Spence in a one-sided affair. The bout was thought to be a close fight prior, but proved to be nothing like that after the second round. Crawford dropped Spence with a jab and changed the course of the fight. McIntyre talked about the game plan that went into that fight, and how he was not shocked at the outcome.

“I am not surprised at all, because I have been watching [Errol Spence Jr] fight since he was an amateur,” said McIntyre during ProBox TV's Spotlight Interview. “He still fights the same from back then to now.

“When he actually came on our radar, after [Crawford became undisputed at junior welterweight], I started studying him a little bit more and he did exactly what I thought he was going to do. Lunge in, relay on his guard, slap him with his right hand, slap with him with his left hand. [Spence] did exactly what we tried to work on…”

BoMac continued: "My whole thing in camp was to take away his jab, because Spence will line you up with a good jab, and he’ll touch you with a second jab, and then he will try to bring his feet in order to try and dig to the body…so in order to take away his jab you have to out jab him, and beat him to the punch.”

McIntyre hasn’t spoken to Crawford much since the win, but says they have exchanged texts. Crawford is getting a break from the gym and McIntyre, his long-time trainer, is giving him some space. McIntyre explained the following as to what is next.

“I get home … I will see [Crawford] in the gym. We have the holiday season to spend together, and talk about boxing."