McGregor says he did better than Canelo against Mayweather

Conor McGregor and Canelo Alvarez engaged in a social media exchange following McGregor's praise for Mayweather's performance against Canelo. This feud also came on the heels of an announcement yesterday that Showtime Sports will no longer exist, thus ending the production of Showtime Boxing.

McGregor took to his social media platforms to comment on Mayweather's win over Canelo in 2013, mentioning that 'he landed more shots' on Mayweather than Canelo.

"One of the greatest performances in Professional Boxing this was. I landed more shots on Floyd than Canelo. I’d love another go," said McGregor via the social media platform, X.

McGregor's claim was based around the Compubox stats from their respective bouts against Mayweather showed that McGregor landed 26 percent of his punches and 28 percent of his jabs in their 2017 encounter, whereas Alvarez landed 22 percent of his punches and 15 percent of his jabs in the 2013 showdown. Two things were left out though, one) Mayweather was essentially a retired boxer, who seemingly didn't train as hard as prior fights for McGregor and Canelo landed 31 percent of his power shots compared to McGregor's 25 percent.

Canelo not one to sit and talk crap from anyone especially someone who loiters in the boxing space was quick to retort.  

"I just need one hand with you and I don’t need to throw so many punches," said Canelo via social media. 
 Now, the other thing of interest is this...could this be one of Canelo's next fights? We have learned that superstar boxers are often not one to just mock people for no reason, as there is often a hidden agenda of fame or fortune. Is McGregor 'clout-chasing' or is he seeking a future fight with Canelo? 
McGregor responded once again, as this appears to be an ongoing saga of famous fighters poking at each other over time.
"Saul you uncooked chicken, I’ll stomp the ligaments out of your knee joint. I don’t even need hands to end you, I’ll kick you raw pink, leave you looking like you were left out in the sun too long haha freckle arse. I will see you and we will see. Canelo is a cornflake, no sugar," stated McGregor via social media.