Mayweather: Spence should be a middleweight or super middleweight

Hall-of-fame boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. recently gave his perspective on Errol Spence Jr.'s boxing career after a brutal ninth-round technical knockout loss to Terence Crawford which was broadcast on Showtime pay-per-view, taking place on July 29th. The loss has sent shockwaves through the sport as the mythical pound-for-pound list that many boxing writers cling to, has seen Spence Jr., moved out of the top-ten after such a one-sided loss. In fact, some have even wondered if Spence's loss to Crawford being so one-sided puts his hall-of-fame potential in jeopardy. 

Mayweather known for fighting at or near his weight for his whole career offered advice to Spence as he believes for Spence to have his optimal performance, Spence should fight at middleweight or even super middleweight. Mayweather recently conducted an exclusive interview with in which he tackled this subject. 

This would also rule out a potential Terence Crawford rematch if Spence took Mayweather's advice to heart as Crawford would seemingly not agree to move up two-to-three weight classes to fight Spence. This would give far too much of an advantage to Spence, especially considering Crawford handed him a one-sided beating. As the old saying goes 'to the victor goes the spoils', and now it is time for Crawford and his team to reap the rewards they have earned through their victory. 

Spence when he fought Chris van Heerden weighed in at 156 1/2 lbs in 2015, nearly eight years ago. Beyond that one fight, Crawford has been a strict professional coming in at or around the welterweight limit.

Mayweather took time to let Errol Spence know that he is behind him, even if the fighter is currently unaware of Mayweather's support.

"With Errol Spence being under the PBC [Premier Boxing Champions] banner," said Mayweather. "If you're with PBC you are with Floyd Mayweather, period. You can not bring up Al Haymon's name without bringing up Floyd Mayweather's name. With that being said, I want the best for Errol Spence." 

As we countdown the hours, minutes, and even seconds on a slow news day we are slowly awaiting the official decision from Spence. Will he go after his rematch clause with Terence Crawford as there is a finite amount of time that has to elapse before the fight is no longer on the table? It appears Mayweather feels that Spence should think about fighting at much bigger weights in the near future, but the question remains what does Spence want with the rest of his career?