Martin on Stevenson: "They could’ve given me what I asked for "

Frank Martin has been in the news lately.

Frank Martin and Shakur Stevenson have been the talk of the boxing world when a scheduled WBC lightweight bout between the two fell apart. The saga was long and played out like a teen drama from the 90s. Stevenson had initially sought a bout with Devin Haney, but that didn't happen. This was followed by a fight with Martin, but Martin withdrew. Now Stevenson appears to be facing Edwin De Los Santos, for the vacant WBC lightweight title on Thursday, November 16th, the week of F1 Las Vegas, BUT nothing has been announced officially. 

This past weekend Martin popped up and told his side of the story to podcasters Queens of the Ring.

“On my end, I verbally agreed,” said Martin on Queens of the Ring Boxing. “I agreed to, [so it is a] green light. So after [me agreeing to the fight], I didn’t know what the money was, I didn’t know none of that.”

Martin explained in detail that he wanted the fight, but had certain financial demands that were not being met. These demands were needed for him to fight on that given night especially in his view giving up so many advantages. 

“What happened was once everything came about I figured out what the money was and I wasn’t cool with it,” stated Martin. “I wanted more, and that is why the fight didn’t fall through. I agreed to everything, as far the stipulations, everything, from it being on ESPN to where it was going to be at.”

Martin seemed rather frustrated with the situation as the whole ordeal had hurt his reputation. Some are willing to hear his side of the story, and other internet voices are looking at the optics and wondering if he is yet another fighter looking to protect his perfect undefeated record.

“They could’ve given me what I asked for and it wasn’t even anything crazy,” said Martin. “This situation is for a vacant title. I was offered a situation for a vacant title for a million dollars, [Stevenson] was offered a situation for undisputed and eight million dollars. So, come on, now. I would’ve jumped on that undisputed.”

As for the current undisputed world champion. Devin Haney. Martin had nothing, but praise as he felt that Haney has 'earned' his right to call the financial demands whereas he feels Stevenson hasn't earned that right as of now. Martin explained why he feels this way. 

“[Devin Haney] deserves to call all the shots the way [he is] because he has all the belts,” explained Martin. “Then for [Stevenson], the fans say Devin Haney should’ve given him 50-50 [purse split]. Devin Haney had to get it all the way out the mud. 

In the end, Martin believed the offer was not financially viable, especially after factoring in taxes and training expenses. He contended that he never requested a 50-50 purse split. Ultimately, the fight isn't happening over money...something that always stings as a fight fan.