MMA legend Shamrock gives Ngannou nearly no chance against Fury

Ken Shamrock is now a promoter. The legend of both MMA and the WWE is out to promote his latest project which is Valor BK, which will host a bare-knuckle event in Florida this Friday, October 27th. 

That said, Shamrock was a prime person to speak to the transition Francis Ngannou will go through when he faces Tyson Fury on October 28th in a boxer versus MMA fighter attraction bout. Shamrock probably with bare-knuckle on his mind due to the promotion of his card, spoke to how bare-knuckle would make the fight closer, but even still the bout wouldn’t lean in Ngannou’s favor. 

“If it was a true bare-knuckle fight [Francis Ngannou’s] odds would be a lot better,” told Shamrock to ProBox TV News as he is promoting his event for this weekend with Valor BK, his bare-knuckle promotion. “But, because it is boxing, and it is Tyson Fury’s world, what he does, you are looking at a five percent chance. Very limited, especially when you got boxing gloves on that are very padded.”

When pressed Shamrock gave Ngannou better odds if it were bare-knuckle up the chance of Ngannou winning by thirty percent, yet Shamrock feels that it is too much for Ngannou to overcome for this to work. With big gloves and a new environment, Shamrock just doesn’t see how Ngannou could land the big punch.

“I would say [Ngannou has a] thirty-five or thirty-seven percent chance to win if it was bare knuckle,” furthered the MMA legend, Shamrock. 

Shamrock went on to explain that world-class boxers already have trouble hitting Tyson Fury clean, yet a novice to professional boxing in Ngannou is expected to land a Sunday punch that changes the course of fight history. It seems unfathomable to all watching, and it appears Shamrock is amongst many who doubt the chances of Ngannou who is embarking on making a lot of money, and seemingly taking on an unwinnable feat. Shamrock just sees it as a tall order to fight Fury on Fury's terms

 “It is really hard to [hit a pro boxer clean] for a professional [boxer], let alone someone who is coming in and has no experience at a professional level in boxing,” said Shamrock to ProBox TV News.