LIVE BLOG – Behind the scenes at ProBox TV: Feliciano Williams

1830 The prelim fighters are warming up backstage.

1840 2024 International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee Jackie Kallen is in the house.

1842 Renowned trainer Ismael Salas arrives. He is coaching Luis Feliciano in the main event.

1845 Boxing encyclopedia and matchmaker Eric Bottjer takes his seat.

1858 The crowd at the Whitesands Events Center starts to fill. The prelim fights are only a few minutes away with the three main bouts going live via YouTube at 8 pm.

1900 Renowned fight manager Pat Lynch who, among others, managed the legendary Arturo Gatti, is here.

1908 Jim Sorenson takes the mic to introduce the opening fight of the show.

1921 A lively opener, here, with Chris Cangelosi trying to impress but stubborn Nissan Anderson making sure he has his hands full. 

1927 Still half an hour from the first main fight and nearly all of the tiered seats are full and the atmosphere is lively.

1935 Good first fight. Cangelosi outpoints Anderson over six rounds.

2006 The stat of the YouTube action is about to get underway and there are not many empty seats. There’s a proper club feel to the show. 

2010 Bombs away! Borrero is down against Zayas in the first and fighting back.

2015 The crowd is again into this. It’s a free-swinging all southpaw affair and Borrero has been down again, but it was judged a slip.

2018 On Spanish commentary, Juan Manuel Marquez is smiling. He’s loving this tear-up.

2030 It’s a wrap. Zayas stops Borrero in five. Good scrap.

2043 Some thought veteran Cristian Baez might struggle and even fold early against Freddy Rojas up at welterweight but after three rounds he’s in this, and looking good.

2057 Six rounds in and it’s close but not thrilling between Rojas and Baez.

2109 The crowd is still enjoying it, but the action has been the same throughout. That said, I have no idea who is up on the cards.

2117 The cards are in and Baez may as well have not showed up. He deserved more than that but lost a wide, wide decision.

2130 The main event is underway, Feliciano v Williams. The noise in here is unexpectedly loud.

2134 Wow. Feliciano down twice.

2148 Feliciano trying to get back into this, but finding it hard to cope with Williams’s speed.

 2157 That’s a wrap. Thunderous stoppage win by Williams.