Junk Food Steals The Show On Davis vs. Garcia Preview Show

It is an early summer blockbuster of the fighting variety as All Access episode two of Gervonta Davis versus Ryan Garcia hit the airwaves after ShoBox: The Next Generation from Brooks, California, on Friday, April 7th. The theme was not as much prizefighting as it was ‘trolling’

Both Davis and Garcia went out of their way to film segments based around getting sugary treats - candy, in particular, to seemingly sell younger fight fans on the fact that they are working out so hard they can eat whatever they want. It was the level of maturity we have come to expect in the sport of boxing over the past decade, but for one of the biggest fights of the year - I won’t lie, I was hoping we would do a bit better. 

“It is crazy to me, that [would have known] I’d be that guy,” said Davis in a serious moment wearing a t-shirt of the influential rock band, The Misfits. “I knew that I would be big, but I never I would be the guy that actually break them doors [SIC].”

The opening scene saw a luxury vehicle located in front of a late-night convenience store, Davis and some of his friends enter the store as he basically gives you an in-depth food review of all the items a pro athlete shouldn’t eat. The fight that social media seemingly created has a bit of the shock value that the internet tends to lead our eyes to. As it was less about the fighting, and more so - who could buy the more outrageous snacks that most viewers know an athlete cutting to extreme weights shouldn’t buy a month out. 

Davis has missed weight before in his career, most notably against Francisco Fonseca, when Davis weighed in at 132 lbs, two pounds above the super featherweight limit, as he was forced to vacate his IBF super featherweight title he had previously won from Liam Walsh overseas. Not to be outdone, Garcia had his very own segment in which he also bought a slew of candy during a movie showing of Creed III. It truly feels like both fighters are tempting the boxing Gods as Garcia in his last fight fought at 140 lbs, and now will have to make a 136 lbs for this fight. A weight Garcia has not made since January of 2021. 

“Oh, yeah - snacks of a champion,” said Garcia as he went to see Creed III during the special and picked up a large handful of candy. “This is how I get ready for Gervonta Davis."