Joey Spencer Wants The Tough Fights At 154

Joey Spencer has seen his career happen in front of our eyes, now on March 25th, he will step-up and face fellow unbeaten 22-year-old, Jesus Ramos Jr., and Joey Spencer, which will serve as the co-main event to this weekend’s heavily anticipated bout between David Benavidez vs. Caleb Plant, live from the MGM Garden Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada, available on Showtime PPV. 

Spencer who faced Kevin Salgado in his last fight, another undefeated fighter, seemingly let Salgado survive the final few rounds in the fight, something that Spencer has reflected upon, and knows can’t happen in this fight. Spencer called for this fight - and wants March 25th to be the first in a series of great evenings for himself and his family.

“I knew in the back of my mind that after [the Kevin Salgado] fight maybe there was a big fight around the corner, all I had to was get through that fight,” said Spencer when speaking to Ismael Abdulsalaam of BeatsBoxingMayhem. “[maybe I was] merciful, but I went back to the drawing board and said that can’t happen again, because that was something that I felt I [could have gotten a stoppage].”

Spencer has had a slow build-up to the top of the card. Turning pro in 2018, it has been four years of developmental fights. That is not uncommon, but most of Spencer’s fights were televised, so while many fighters might be a pleasant surprise to viewers, such as Elijah Garcia, Spencer has had his whole fight career broadcast, making him open to ridicule. That said, Spencer is naturally the bigger man, fighting his whole career at 154 lbs, whereas Jesus Ramos Jr., moved up from welterweight to the 154 lbs division. Will that be an advantage, Spencer is not keen on seeing until he is in the ring with Ramos Jr.

“I won’t be able to say [I have a power advantage] until I get in there and feel [Jesus Ramos Jr’s] power, as far as strength, I feel I will be bigger, but at the end of the day I have to feel that out when I get in there,” said Spencer when speaking to Ismael Abdulsalaam. “I can’t really determine a fighters strength until I get in there and feel it myself, we’ll see.”

Spencer is seemingly focused on legacy as at 16-0, 10 KOs, Spencer is looking to fight the best fighters in the division. This includes another fighter who he has been mentioned alongside, Vito Mielnicki Jr.