EXCLUSIVE: Jesus Ramos Jr Talks Joey Spencer Fight

It is rare we see two 22-year-old fighters face each other, yet credit to junior middleweights Jesus Ramos Jr., and Joey Spencer who are putting their undefeated record on the line and facing one another. When you look at the two fighters, Ramos Jr., and Spencer they are looking at essentially themselves all over again. The same age, good pedigree, and both were brought up prominently on FOX when Premier Boxing Champions was featured on their networks more frequently. 

Now the two will face each other in a short-term trajectory fight, as both will more than likely find their way to a world title, but the winner of this fight will shed the prospect label, once and for all, and enter into the world title picture. It doesn’t hurt the stage it is on either, as it is the co-feature to David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant, this Saturday, March 25th, on Showtime PPV, live from the MGM Garden Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


“Joey Spencer fought [Kevin Salgado in September], and he told Luis De Cubas that he wanted to fight us [Jesus Ramos Jr.],“ said Jesus Ramos Jr. when speaking to this reporter.  “When we heard that we said ‘let’s do it!’, we want that fight…I was surprised, just the level of competition, we’ve been taking tough fights, we’ve been taking fighting a little tougher competition than he has, but like I said in the press conference I take my hat off to [Joey Spencer] for taking this fight.”

For Ramos Jr., his last fight it was a learning lesson, as he wanted to get some ‘get back’ for his uncle, Abel Ramos, who had lost to Luke Santamaria prior. Ramos Jr., entered the fight with the mentality of vengeance, and followed up his brilliant performance against Vladimir Hernandez, with a performance that left many frustrated. Ramos Jr., at times, struggled to do basic things he did so well in a previous fight, such as cutting the ring off. One of the lessons learned is don’t take it personally when a fighter calls you out like Joey Spencer just did.



It is clear that whether right or wrong, Ramos Jr., believes that because he didn’t look the best in the last fight Joey Spencer called him, because he looked mortal and vulnerable. Ramos Jr., who has trained beside Terence Crawford for many of his championship fights, brought in 2020 U.S. Olympian Troy Isley to camp to replicate the style of Joey Spencer.


“I am sure [Joey Spencer and his team] saw something in the [Luke Santamaria fight] that they thought they could capitalize on and that is why they asked for this fight,” said Jesus Ramos Jr. “We knew that [because of my last performance], that is what me and my father sat down and conversated about [SIC], but that’s okay - this training camp has been really, really strong and I feel really ready, and I feel prepared, and I am in great shape, I’m mentally great as well, I am looking forward to March 25th.”