Hitchins headlines first card Saturday on DAZN

Richardson Hitchins, a rising talent in the boxing world who seemingly is a pillar of the future for Matchroom Boxing who fights in the junior welterweight division, finds headlining this Saturday's fight card against former world title challenger Jose Zepeda.Hitchins headlines for the first time in his career and in the build to the fight he has made sure to let everyone that it doesn't faze him; he believes he's destined for this role and is confident in his ability in the ring.

The pressure of the spotlight, Hitchins feels is something that has always come with success. He views every fight as a must-win, knowing that each victory gets him one step closer to his ultimate goal of being a world champion

“I don’t really feel the pressure of headlining,” said Hitchins. “I was born to do this; I’m made for it. I think that there’s always been pressure for me [from] day one, but I handle it because I am confident in my ability and in who I am. I am a special fighter; at the end of the day, it’s boxing and I truly believe I’m one of the best out there.”

Hitchins though battled outside of the ring before inside the ring. Hitchins was homeless at times growing up. Not unlike a Hollywood movie, Hitchins sees boxing as his 'way out'. It seems his goal is to end any future hardships for his family based on his ability in the ring. He views his boxing talent as a gift and a means to achieve both personal and societal goals, both inside and outside the ring. This sense of purpose fuels his dedication to mastering his craft and achieving success. Hitchins is now with his second promoter, as recently he left Mayweather Promotions and signed with Eddie Hearn's Matchroom Boxing, who has been very bullish on his prospects in the sport.

 “From there to signing with Mayweather Promotions, fighting on Showtime, beating a former World Champion in Argenis Mendis, and now headlining my first show; it’s just destiny when you look at it," said Hitchins. "My family was homeless, I have come from a tough beginning, but I always knew boxing would be a way out. I am making sure that me and my family never have to go back to days that I couldn’t help. Period. I think I have a gift and I am using that to make like better for them. I’m able to help and the more I master my craft, I will use it to achieve more and more inside and outside the ring.”

Though it might be seen as a fight the week before one of the major forces of the boxing world fights in Canelo Alvarez, for Hitchins this is a major milestone - headlining a major card against a former world title challenger in Jose Zepeda. 

“From starting out to headlining on Saturday it’s been a crazy journey," said Hitchins. "I think back to being a kid that walked into a boxing gym after seeing Marcus Browne in the 2012 Olympics, I was probably 14, and following that was my first short-term goal to go to the Olympics."