Hernandez manager sees Foster as best fighter at 130, but not most dangerous

In the world of boxing, stories of redemption and resurgence are not uncommon, in fact, the stories as of late seem to go the other way. Meet Eduardo "Rocky" Hernandez, the bigger puncher who disappeared after a shocking knockout loss to Roger Gutierrez in 2019, Hernandez seemed to have fizzled out, as his then co-promoter, Golden Boy Promotions dropped him.

Hernandez found himself between promotions as he signed with Probellum only for Probellum to no longer exist in the blink of an eye, and his contract began to bounce around like a hot potato. However, Hernandez took to social media earlier this year Twitter shedding light on his situation as he alleged that his contract had been transferred from Probellum to Disrupt Promotions without his knowledge.

Once this was fixed, Hernandez was able to sign with Matchroom Boxing and now is fighting the WBC super featherweight world champion, O’Shaquie Foster on Saturday, October 28th in Cancun, Mexico.

Hernandez’s manager, Hector Fernandez explains how camp has been going for the esteemed fighter from Mexico. As Fernandez details the elite level of training and sparring his fighter has been getting at DLX Boxing.

“The camp is going amazing we are training with Kay Koroma,” said Hector Fernandez, the manager of Rocky Hernandez. “We have been getting top-notch sparring with Duke Ragan, Bruce Carrington, DJ Zamora,  [and] ’Venado’ Lopez.”

It is clear that no matter how you feel about Hernandez's story, it is one of resurgence and resilience. The fighter who seemed to be in the mix to land big fight after big fight now is coming back nearly five years later as an unknown fighter, essentially. Fernandez details this process.

“I think Rocky took a step back when he lost to Roger Gutierrez, but he had a really bad team behind him,” said Fernandez. “Promotions El Pueblo treated him really bad making him feel that he needed [them] to survive.”

As for where Fernandez views O'Shaquie Foster stands in the division. It is simple Fernandez views him as the very best fighter in the division - though he was clear to make a distinction between the best and most dangerous. Fernandez believes a win on Saturday will take Hernandez’s career to a new level.

“I do believe, O’Shaquie Foster is the best fighter at 130 lbs,” said Fernandez. “Not the most dangerous, but the best. The most dangerous is [Emanuel] Navarrete, but the best fighter, the one with the better technique is O’Shaquie Foster. So I believe we win against O’Shaquie Foster, and Rocky Hernandez goes to a whole different level.”