Hearn: The rumblings are David Morrell is really good

With the upcoming super middleweight fight on November 25th between WBC interim super middleweight champion David Benavidez taking on two-division world champion, Demetrius Andrade in a fight with implication for who Canelo Alvarez might fight next. The elephant in the room is David Morrell, a man who is not being uttered by many but continues to call out all the top fighters. 

Eddie Hearn, who isn’t even involved in the fight commented on Morrell’s status in the sport and explained why it is so hard for Morrell to get a big fight.

“The rumblings in the boxing world is that David Morrell is really [expeltive] good,” stated Hearn. “We talked about earlier with Shakur Stevenson. Same thing. Why would you fight David Morrell?”

Hearn even furthered that if he were to advise a fighter that he’d look for other options before facing Morrell as Morrell is an unknown fighter who might be the best fighter in the world. As Morrell, a decorated Cuban boxer, is a fighter, who is brutally stopping his opponents and making a claim in just a handful of fights for being the best fighter in the division, or amongst the best. 

“Listen, forget I am not a lawyer or an advisor, or a manager, but if I was I would say ‘if you want me to fight David Morrell you have to pay me an absolute fortune,” explained Hearn. “No one knows outside of the hard hardcore boxing [fans] who David Morrell is.”

Morrell has been rumored to face undefeated Bek Nurmaganbet, though nothing has been confirmed and no date has been nailed down either. It seems that Morrell has suffered in the final days of Showtime along with Cody Crowley as these two fighters in particular just simply could not stay active, as we apparently know to have two Showtime pay-per-view cards, and possibly one last swan song in the middle of December as the network fades off into the sunset. 

Hearn furthered his view on what needs to happen for Morrell to stay active, as he outlined simple economics.

“Therefore, the risk-reward doesn’t exist,” said Hearn. “We would to see [Morrell in a big fight], you guys got to be honest and say ‘why would you fight Morrell?’ So it is down to the PBC to overpay people to fight Morrell that is how boxing works. So by the sounds of it, [they wanted David] Benavidez to fight Morrell. Benavidez could say ‘why?’ They probably didn’t want to fight [Demetrius] Andrade to be honest with you, but it is like why would I fight Morrell, it is not even a big fight.”