Hearn: Benn set to fight in America on June 17

Eddie Hearn and Conor Benn are proceeding with plans for him to fight in America on June 17.

The welterweight, 26, has been provisionally suspended by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) having twice tested positive for the female fertility drug clomifene. 

That ban prevents Benn from fighting on any promotion overseen by the British Boxing Board of Control, but not necessarily from those under other governing bodies. The Board can ask those governing bodies not to sanction him, but Matchroom are preparing to announce a bill that they hope will feature him.

“I think people have made up their minds and made a decision. By necessarily rubbing people up the wrong way that might not help him either, but his team are talking to UKAD. He’s going through that process everybody wanted him to go through, and we’ll see what happens.”

Asked where the proposed fight – which Hearn insisted he didn’t yet have potential opponents for – would take place, the promoter responded: “In America.”

He was then asked how likely he considered the prospect of Benn fighting on June 17 – the fighter has remained inactive since the protracted cancellation of his fight, in October, with Chris Eubank Jr –  and he said: “It’s what we’re planning to do at the moment. Yeah [there’s a greater than 50 per cent chance of it happening].”