Haney and Loma's manager exchange words on social media

Devin Haney defeated Vasiliy Lomachenko, in a pay-per-view bout earlier this year, but heavy lies the crown. The win has been hotly debated by boxing experts, and despite being the undisputed lightweight world champion, with two title defenses, Haney's last win has left some doubt in Haney, who is rumored to fight Regis Prograis for the WBC junior welterweight world title in the fall.

Haney has been steadfast in saying Lomachenko is a sore loser, and recently Haney took to social media to voice his frustrations.

"Do yo homework.. Loma went [to] the hospital after the fight. But they don’t want you to know that," Haney stated on social media. 

Quick to respond was Lomachenko's long-time manager, Egis Klimas, who was quick to point out a few things that he felt where true. Klimas did state that his Lomachenko went to the hospital, but it was only to check on Devin Haney. 

"Devin, WOW you got correct information, we did go to hospital and we was looking for you just to make sure you are ok as you been punched so many times into your head, but we’ve been told ambulances took you to different hospital," stated Lomachenko's manager, Egis Klimas. "...we was worry about you. How about rematch? Scary?"

Haney would then retort the following, alluding to he was doing something entirely different. 

"I was at home having a threesome," responded Haney.

It appears that Lomachenko and Haney are going in two very different directions as Lomachenko will look for a title fight or eliminator at the lightweight division, with some wondering aloud if he could fight Geroge Kambosos Jnr., in Australia, for the possibly vacant IBF lightweight world title, if Haney moves up to junior welterweight. 

Haney's near future seems undecided as he is rumored to face Regis Prograis for the WBC junior welterweight world title, but the clock is ticking - so every passing day without an announcement means bad news. 

It appears one thing is clear both Haney and Lomachenko have bad blood from their last fight, and that tempers still flare over the bout.

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