Haney: Stevenson should've taken the money I offered him

The feud between Devin Haney and Shakur Stevenson revolves around a proposed fight for the vacant WBC Lightweight title, that now seems to be closer to dream than ever happening. Initially, Stevenson aimed to fight Haney as he positioned himself as the number-one contender for the WBO and WBC lightweight titles. Haney holds the undisputed lightweight world title and those are two of the four belts that he holds, yet it was announced earlier this year that Haney would focus on moving up in weight to face Regis Prograis.

Stevenson appeared to be set to face Frank Martin yet that fight fell through after initial reports saying it was made. Now it appears Stevenson will face Edwin De Los Santos on Thursday, November 16th, on ESPN - the week of the F1 race in Las Vegas, Nevada.

 It seems that the influencer Wallo, a popular podcaster, who does a show on Barstool Sports with Gillie Da Kid, recently posted a video with himself and Haney and asked him why he isn't fighting Shakur.

When speaking at a social event with social media influencer, Wallo, one-half of a popular Barstool Sports podcast, Haney pointed at the hypocrisy of sports media when looking at that situation.

"You know what you should have told him," questioned Haney to Wallo. "He should've taken the money I offered him."

Stevenson accused Martin of demanding a 50/50 purse split despite Martin fighting for his first world title. Though details of the terms of the deal are not public knowledge it would appear that Stevenson wanted the majority of the purse money, which was similar to the offer made by Devin Haney's team to Stevenson, or at least that is what Haney's side is saying.

"He offered [Frank Martin] the same thing, right," further explained Haney. "Did he [not offer] somebody else the same thing I offered him?"

Haney, who is believed to be fighting December 9th in San Francisco, California, against WBC junior welterweight world champion, Regis Prograis. Haney is letting it be known that a fight with Stevenson is one that he wants to make in the future.

"The world wants to see [this fight]," proclaimed Haney. "Tune in December 9th, we have got a fight against Regis San Francisco, we are bringing it back home to the bay."