Devin Haney: Regis Prograis only has power

Devin Haney isn't impressed with Regis Progais' boxing skills.

Haney will challenge for Prograis' WBC junior welterweight title on December 9th.

That bout taking place in San Francisco, will be on pay-per-view. Though Haney is a former undisputed lightweight champion. Now he seeks to become a two-division world champion. Prograis, a two-time junior welterweight champion, is the underdog, despite being the champion. In a pre-fight video put out by Matchroom Boxing, the two faced off about the fight. Haney aimed at Prograis' limitations in the video special.

“I’m on a different level at 24 [years old],” said Haney. “Because Josh Taylor isn’t on my level either, and I am going to show [Prograis] that he does the same thing over. He only has one game plan, and when that [expletive] don’t work, then everything goes out the window.”

“You’re a one-trick pony,” said Haney to Prograis. “I’m going to show you, I am going to take it from you, and after that, you won’t be able to do nothing.”

“His left hand is his best thing, that is his bread and butter, that is what he live by and that is what he is going to die by,” said Haney. “I can beat him at every type of fight. I do everything better than him. Like I said the only thing he has got is some power [expletive]. He just trying to land one punch and all of that [expletive]. Any [person] thinking that, ‘oh I am just going to hit him with one punch’ you already lost. You not going to win with that, not against me.”

Prograis who has stated this fight will be skills versus skills was brushed off by Haney. Haney believes Prograis uses brute force and power to win fights. Rather than a superior fight IQ. Haney, 24-years-old is ten years younger than Prograis, 34-years-old. Despite the age gap, Haney feels he is the more well-rounded fighter. As Haney believes Prograis only has one dimension.

“I don’t care what they are trying to do none of that [expletive] is going to work,” said Haney. “He is going to go in there and do one thing and that is trying to land the left hand, and try to overpower me, and do all that [expletive] he is talking right now, and we are going to see how far that get him. That’s all he can do. That’s his only game plan because that’s all he has been doing. [Prograis] doesn’t show any skill in the ring, he does the same thing in every fight."