Golden Boy targets December return for Vergil Ortiz

Vergil Ortiz could return to the ring as soon as December, or at least that is what Golden Boy Promotions President Eric Gomez informed ProBox TV News. 

Speaking exclusively with ProBox TV News, Gomez outlined what the future holds for Vergil Ortiz, who saw a medical issue derail his chance at winning a world title against Eimantas Stanionis on two different occasions this year. The latest incident also signaled his attempt to try to make the welterweight limit of 147 lbs, as after having the bout canceled the week of the fight - it was announced Ortiz would return at junior middleweight in his next fight.

“I have a meeting with Vergil, and his team, his father, his manager, [for] next week,” Gomez told ProBox TV News. “We are going to meet next week, but what I do know about Vergil is that he has been given a clean bill of health. He has been seeing doctors, specialists, [and] he is ready to go.”

Though Gomez has yet to meet with Ortiz’s team including his father, and manager Rick Mirigian, it appears that the hopes are to get Ortiz back in December of this year, at the 154 lbs division. Given early indications it appears that both sides are onboard with that timeline as of now.

Ortiz has been sidelined twice in the past year from symptoms pertaining to rhabdomyolysis, which inevitably canceled his ongoing secondary world title fight with WBA welterweight champion, Eimantas Stanionis. The ill-fated fight saw the fight first delayed by an emergency surgery that Stanionis had to undergoing and then Ortiz having to withdraw from the fight twice based on health reasons around rhabdomyolysis. For Ortiz, rhabdomyolysis has forced him out of three fights now as a bout with Michael McKinson was also postponed due to this illness as well. 

Sadly, the health of Ortiz Jr., now is just as much the story of his fantastic career as Ortiz looks as good as any prospect in the sport of boxing - but it is hard to ‘stick to boxing’, when talking to Ortiz as his health seems vastly more important than wins and loses in the ring. Until Ortiz returns and this issue appears to be resolved it will circle over the head of his camps moving forward - which is unfortunate. 

“[We just have to] set the date and get the right opponent for him,” said Gomez. “We’re all looking forward for him coming back, being healthy and doing what he does best - knocking people out.”