Glanton Channels "Bulletproof" Ahead Of Saturday Fight On ProBoxTV

Often times the mark of a great fighter isn’t defined in the wins and losses as a professional boxer - it is to many observers, how a fighter bounces back from adversity. Cruiserweight Brandon Glanton, previously undefeated until he lost a razor-thin split-decision to David Light saw his short-term goals shrink, as despite knocking down Light in the 10th and final round the decision didn’t go his way. Light now faces Lawrence Okolie next weekend, March 25th, for Okolie’s world title, whereas Glanton will fight tomorrow, against undefeated cruiserweight, Soslan Asbarov, March 18th, at the Agenda Arena, in Dubai, which will be broadcast live on


Glanton is a tour de force of the cruiserweight division. A man who hits so hard it has seemingly changed the life of many of the people he has been across the ring from as he has not just power, but a type of violence and fierce fighting spirit rarely seen in the sport of boxing, let alone the cruiserweight division.


Glanton, who is known by his ring name, “Bulletproof”, views himself as a superhero in a way. He battles two different personalities. Glanton, the person who exists in everyday life, and “Bulletproof”, a violent boxer capable of inflicting more damage than imaginable to a person. It seems like Glanton endures while his fight persona inflicts upon others. 


“I always talk about it is a special gear,” Glanton said in November of 2022 in the ProBox studios. “I don’t care how much training [he did], I don’t care how much running [he did], how much he sparred, I don’t care how many bags he hit. If he makes me pull that malicious demon out - that bulletproof mentality out, I am going to hurt him.”




His opponent, tomorrow, Soslan Asbarov, is undefeated in only three professional fights and is being fast-tracked rather quickly as at 30 years old, he is jumping into a fight with 18-fight veteran Glanton in only his fourth pro fight. In Asbarov’s previous fight in December, he stopped a very game Joel Shojgreen. This is the biggest fight of Asbarov’s career, as he is fighting one of the most dangerous men in the cruiserweight division. 



“I feel like once I make that transformation [into his alter ego, Bulletproof], as crazy as it sounds, I literally get stronger, I get more mentally locked in, I can see how things will unfold and see things happening,” said Glanton. “Once that happens [the transformation to Bulletproof] it is different. It is definitely a different person. I know that about myself that it is a different person, and I can tell when [Bulletproof] is not there, [when] the situation doesn’t call for it, [Bulletproof] goes away.”