Gervonta Davis jail update from coach Kenny Ellis

Gervonta Davis has had one of his most marquee years as a pro boxer. A January knockout victory over WBA super featherweight world champion Hector Luis Garcia at lightweight, and stopping viral boxing sensation, Ryan Garcia. That said, Davis is now is serving out the rest of his 2020 Hit-and-Run sentence in jail after violating his house arrest. This was ruled on June 2nd of this month.

Recently, the co-trainer of Gervonta Davis, Kenny Ellis, who is the right-hand man of Calvin Ford, the lead trainer of Davis spoke to Hardcore Boxing News.

“Tank is doing good,” said Ellis to Hardcore Boxing News, a YouTube channel. “You feed him to the wolves and he is going to come back leading the pack. He [is] in there playing basketball and football with the other inmates. They love him. Somebody sent a message from jail saying Tank should be playing in the NFL because Tank is in there doing his thing.”

As for whether Davis has opted for protective custody due to his celebrity status. Ellis explained that Davis is in the general population with everybody else.

“They wanted him to check in [to protective custody] because he’s a celebrity, but Tank said no he wanted to go to general population,” said Ellis. “Why be afraid of your own people, just go out there and mingle…for years the jails they love us, and have been following us. They love what we do with the youth, you got guys in there that got life [in prison], but we keep them happy [with] them keeping up with us.”