Calvin Ford, the coach of Gervonta Davis, evaluates Devin Haney and Shakur Stevenson

Calvin Ford has become a historic boxing coach. The man who raised Gervonta “Tank” Davis up from a young amateur into arguably the face of boxing is now in the running for being one of the top trainers in 2023. Two weeks ago on Showtime pay-per-view, his fighter Davis, knocked out Ryan Garcia via a brutal body shot in the seventh round, which saw 1.2 million buys in the United States and netted $22.8 million in ticket sales at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. After the fight, chatter began about who Davis would fight next as names like Devin Haney and Shakur Stevenson came up, after the fight Ford spoke to Keith Idec of to give some insights on what is next. “These fights are gonna happen [alluding to Devin Haney and Shakur Stevenson],” Calvin Ford told Keith Idec of “They just got to continue doing what they need to do to get their numbers up, to make it make sense…both of them guys are on the other side of the fence, so it’ll have to make sense to their team to ask for the event.” One of the major fights a lot of fans want to see would be a clash between current undisputed lightweight world champion Devin Haney who holds all four widely regarded championship titles. Haney will fight Vasiliy Lomachenko on May 20th, on pay-per-view, so nothing is for certain, but a lot of fans are calling for a showdown between the two popular fighters. Ford doesn’t see much that Haney offers as a threat to Davis. “In my book, I don’t think Haney has got anything that could really stop Tank,” Ford confessed to Idec of “[Haney] hasn’t shown me anything where I’d go, [WOW!]." Ford furthered that he hopes Devin Haney wins, but also confesses that he believes that fighting Lomachenko, a three-division world champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist might be the bigger fight. “I’m hoping that he beats Lomachenko,” said Ford, when further asked about Devin Haney. “I would love for him to beat Lomachenko, but I know if Lomachenko has the belts, it’s [a] bigger fight.” As for Stevenson, Ford admits that Stevenson not holding a belt is a problem, but it appears Ford views Stevenson in higher regard than Haney. “Shakur does have value,” Ford said to “Shakur don’t have no belts, but Haney didn’t really do anything different from Shakur. When you look at Shakur, Shakur is more that guy than Haney. Haney just has the belts, that’s all.”