Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia Almost Sold-Out

It isn’t rocket science, a good fight will sell, and the marquee attraction on April 22nd, from the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada, between secondary lightweight world champion Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia, is nearly sold-out in nearly less than 24-hours. Add to the impressive feat is the fact that the cheapest ticket available being a little over a $1,000, and seats near the ring priced at $2,500.


At time of this writing over 75% of the tickets have been sold with the event on pace to be sold-out by the end of the weekend. Not just is this fight living up to the “big fight hype”, it is delivering with the big fight price, making it worth all the buzz. 


Not to be outdone Garcia has been a surprising star of the press events with quick retorts, and an enthusiasm he has never shown for any opponent prior to Gervonta Davis. It is clear Garcia wanted this fight, and his eagerness for this fight shines through past any words he can deliver. 


“This is such a big event, but I know that I’m coming out on top. It’s one thing to get to the moment, but it’s another to conquer the moment. So I’m not just happy that we’re here, now I’m focused on winning,” said Ryan Garcia. “I’m gonna beat him and I’m gonna knock him out. See you on April 22.”


With the fight selling so quickly, it will be interesting to pay attention to the sale of pay-per-views as this event will surely garner even that much more buzz, as pay-per-view will be the only way to watch this fight for many fight fans, even those who wanted to travel to the venue. This fight is looking to be one of the ages. 



“This is a throwback fight. It’s a fight and a rivalry as big as any in this sport. This is exactly the kind of fight that reflects the best that this sport has to offer: two young fighters in their prime, who are the two most exciting young fighters in the sport,” said Stephen Espinoza, President of Showtime Sports. “Outside of the ring, the stories are even better. As different as these two fighters are physically, their personalities and their styles, they are very alike in one way. What these two young men have overcome, the obstacles they have conquered is the stuff of Hollywood movies.”

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