Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia Make Bet Over Fight Purse On IG Live

We are now less than five days away from Gervonta Davis fighting Ryan Garcia at the T-Mobile Arena, on April 22nd. Yet, the pay-per-view fight week made virtual headlines already. 

On Monday night, Gervonta Davis joined Kai Cenat’s live stream on Instagram live, who is one of the most popular Twitch streamers ever but has been removed from that platform. During the interview, Ryan Garcia joined the conversation and from there we saw the most unique way to start a fight week, as the two purposed a bet.

With little hesitation, and not unlike what Jake Paul did to Tommy Fury, Davis asked Ryan Garcia if he’d like to bet his whole fight purse as a winner takes all. It is the ultimate in braggadocious trash talk fodder as neither fighter appeared to want to back down from the other. 

“Let’s do it. I’m down,” Garcia agreed. “The whole thing. The whole purse.”

The live stream which seemingly grew in viewership went viral based on this bet as media platforms outside of the boxing fanbase, screen-recorded the conversation and shared it across a plethora of media outlets. So one of the ongoing stories of fight week will now be - will this bet be real? More than likely it is all talk, but it is something that gets the casual fan fairly excited because it shows a level of passion and wanting to win, which puts the money secondary in a fight that is one of the biggest grossing bouts in recent memory. 

“Whoever win get the other fighter’s purse,” said Davis while talking to friends in the same room as himself. “I’m dead serious. We on the Live right now. We’re betting the whole purse.”