Tyson Fury: Usyk quit against Dubois

The WBC heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury has strongly criticized Oleksandr Usyk's performance against Daniel Dubois. In the bout, Dubois landed a shot that was ruled low that seemingly had Usyk unable to continue within ten seconds of the fight. This has spawned a lot of hot takes on both sides of the fence. 

In an interview posted on his promoter's, Frank Warren's Queensberry Promotions YouTube channel, Fury went into greater detail on his thoughts on this fight. Fury asserted that Dubois should have emerged as the world champion in their recent bout, as Fury believes that Usyk should not be the champion after that performance. 

"We all know that wasn't a low blow," said Fury to Queensberry Promotions. "Usyk got beat fair and square. He lost by knockout to a body shot, that crippled him."

Fury even went on to explain that he has sympathy for Dubois, who in previous interviews he has labeled 'a quitter' as well. Fury feels Dubois missed out on a chance to get a big fight based on the referee's decision.

"I feel [very] sorry for Daniel [Dubois] because he should be the unified world champion right," stated Fury. "He should be on course for the biggest payday that he will ever see, and I feel sad for him. That's boxing, it won't be the first time someone has been [expletive] out of something."

Fury doubled down on the disrespect to Usyk's response to the body shot as he questioned the heart of the unified world champion. As Fury laid into his last chief rival of the modern generation, and the man who holds the three other heavyweight world titles.

"I don't know if [Usyk] is vulnerable to the body, but the face he is vulnerable to," said Fury. "The body is like [quiting]. I saw something in Usyk the other day, he quit. He quit like a little [expletive]. Then moaned about it, and cried about it for five minutes. So, he has quit once in my opinion, and what do I know I am only the world heavyweight champion."

Fury himself returns on October 28th in a circus-like fight as he will face Francis Ngannou, a former UFC champion, who will make his professional boxing debut in a fight that is nothing short of a money grab. Ngannou has a very small puncher's chance in the fight, but it will pray upon hardcore MMA fans loyalty to their fighters. The bout sadly further stalls the heavyweight division, which has been all over the place in the past couple of years, as we can't get the fights we want to see, i.e. Anthony Joshua versus Deontay Wilder, and Tyson Fury versus Oleksandr Usyk.