Five things to know about Duarte

Oscar Duarte fights Ryan Garcia in Houston, Texas, on Saturday.

This will be Garcia’s first fight back after Gervonta Davis stopped him earlier this year, in April, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. While all eyes are on the star — Garcia — here is some information on Duarte, a once-promising prospect who is known for his power, and could provide a stern test for Garcia.

80% knockout ratio

Duarte has power. It isn’t a wonder, it is a fact. With 129 rounds under his belt, he also has experience. Though his 80% KO ratio suggests a fight-changing ability, his power has also been a curse as at times he fights at one speed and one way; coming forward looking to land a bomb.

Duarte is what he is. A strong fighter looking to impose his will on Garcia coming forward. The X-factor is confidence. Gervonta Davis stopped Garcia on a major pay-per-view. If Garcia is no longer the same fighter after the loss, Duarte has enough power to make it interesting.

If Duarte is to win, it will be on the back of his power.

Listed as same reach.

Ryan Garcia is listed at 5'8", it seems he is taller. lists the two as dead even with reach. That means Duarte will not have to be too aggressive to get to the inside.

Though Garcia has a better concept of distance and a longer frame, Duarte shouldn't be a at physical advantage. The disadvantage if any will be from the amateur pedigree. Duarte is your traditional Mexican pressure fighter.

Garcia, meanwhile, had a deep amateur career and has some deception to set up big power shots.

Though neither fighter are a huge fan of feints, a subtle feint when the reach is similar could open up that shot.

Has ties to the L.A. region

Duarte used to train with Joel Diaz in Indio, California. Garcia used to live nearby in Victorville, California. Both have sparred at Robert Garcia's gym in Riverside, California.

Garcia grew up in Southern California and is accustomed to come-forward pressure fighters. Hence, the fight is favorable for Garcia as he has had the most success when people come to him.

Duarte though being in the same region as Garcia for a period of time might have inside info about his opponent.

Why? They sparred with the same people. So Duarte more than likely knows from gym lore or seeing Garcia in person, what he does — outside of film study. Duarte might know more about Garcia than we know he does.

Nine-fight KO streak

Since losing the first fight of his pro career by a split decision, Duarte is on a nine-fight KO streak, and has since been relegated to undercard bouts.

Duarte has had trouble with fighters he can't overwhelm with power, but he is more confident than ever. Duarte loves to follow people around the ring, but if he chooses to let his hands go. This fight could get interesting.

Only gone ten rounds twice.

Duarte has only gone ten rounds twice in his career. One of those fights was a loss to Adrian Estrella. Another was a win over Rey Perez.

Duarte needs to land damaging blows and change the course of the fight to have success.

It is also notable that his lone career loss came to a natural junior welterweight.

Duarte has beaten up his opponents but he tends to fatigue. The longer the process takes, the harder it is for him to have success. Duarte is crafty to a certain degree but is often repetitive. As it is not unheard of for him to try the same technique over and over again.

A story of the fight could be Duarte knowing that this fight has the potential to go twelve rounds. Will Duarte conserve his energy at times, because of that?