Figueroa, Magsayo Brace For Battle, Saturday on Showtime

Press conferences are hardly ever fun, and feel as formal as a work meeting organized at 3 PM. The word too often define them would be reluctant than joy, or enthusiasm. The nerves and stoic nature of the sink-or-swim-type card this Saturday, March 4th, was the context of Thursday’s press conference ahead of Brandon Figueroa facing Mark Magsayo for the vacant interim WBC featherweight title about standing operating procedure as usual. 


Both fighters, like most fighters, show, on the day before a weigh-in, looked a little sucked in from the weight cut, and neither gave an essay-like reflection that inspired new ideas about life. Yet, that is fine - these are two blue-collar fighters are easing into war, as essentially both of these fighters have one gear and that is to go forward. The bout at very least should be brutal, and might just come down to who takes punishment the best. 



“Everyone is going to see that I’m coming with everything. I have to make a big statement at 126 and leave my mark. I’m trying to win more titles and show I’m one of the best,” said Figueroa when speaking at today’s press conference. “Just expect a great fight. I hit a lot harder than Julio Ceja. Especially now that I’m at 126- pounds. I’m strong and powerful. Everybody is going to be surprised by what they see.”


Magsayo wore a dinner jacket like he was going to a steak restaurant after, but sadly he is more than likely not since he will be losing weight over the next 24 hours, not gaining weight. The former WBC featherweight champion is one fight removed from being the world champion when Rey Vargas outboxed in him last summer. Magsayo appears hell-bent on making the most of this, and becoming a two-time world champion.


“This is different than my last fight. Rey Vargas likes to run, but Figueroa comes to fight. It’s a big difference and it’s going to be much more exciting,” said Magsayo. “Fans can expect that this is going to be a real fight. Neither of us are backing down. We’re coming forward. I know that he fights from different stances, but we’re prepared for it. We’ve been working hard since October for this.”


As the whispers draw near, and those in the shadows come to the light - many are having high hopes that this fight provides a classic Southern California brawl that could rightfully follow the classic we recently saw in Luis Nery vs. Azat Hovhannisyan. This will set the stage for one of the best fighters in the featherweight to take one step closer to stardom in the sport of boxing. 



“I had a great training camp working in Las Vegas. I have an amazing team and I have my family supporting me. I can’t wait to give everyone a great show. I’m going to mix it up with Mark. I have nothing but respect for him, but I’m ready,” said Figueroa. “This is going to be early ‘Spring Break’ action. We’re both coming to fight and coming to win. This is what boxing is all about. We’re facing the best of the best. Now we just have to put it all together on Saturday night and give the fans a great show.”

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