Fernando Vargas Previews Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis

Few fighters have captured the heart and soul of a region let alone, an era the way Fernando Vargas did. The two-time 154 lbs world champion was known just as much for his unfiltered realism as he was for the heart he displayed in the ring. 


Vargas, who now works with his three sons, Fernando Vargas Jr., Amando Vargas, and Emiliano Vargas, as well as recently Gabriel Flores Jr. is one of the most interesting people to ask about a fight. For starters, he gives you how he feels, which is appreciated, and two, Vargas doesn’t oversaturate his presence on the internet. When speaking with this reporter exclusively, Vargas shared his thoughts in a precise and concise manner that valued both his time as well as mine.


“It is going to be a great fight, I know both of them,” stated Vargas while his crew of fighters trained at the illustrious  and private Top Rank Inc. gym in Las Vegas, Nevada. “Tank [Davis] is a killer, you know what I mean, but also Ryan [Garcia] is a smart boxer puncher.


The bout between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis has witnessed everything, but a formal announcement as Showtime advertised the bout this past weekend, all of the parties involved have confirmed the bout, but an official press release with a location has yet to be made public. That said, the April 22nd, fight situated in Las Vegas, Nevada, appears to be one every fight fan has their keen eyes on including, the legend himself, Fernando Vargas. 


“[Tank is also a boxer-puncher], Tank [Davis] doesn’t just go forward, he boxes, too,” furthered Vargas when thinking about the fight on a deeper level. “We’re going to have to see how much of Tank [Davis] being a southpaw will play into the fight.”


Something most haven’t talked about Vargas astutely pointed to rather quickly as Vargas’ seemingly sees the orthodox versus southpaw aspect of this marquee bout being one of the first battles to be won or lost in the ring. The keyword that drew my mind in was the word adjustment. My interruption of Vargas’ words was simple, who will adjust quicker, or who will be able to make more adjustments in the ring. 


“[Let’s] see how Ryan [Garcia] is able to adjust to [Tank being a southpaw],” said Vargas. “We will see, you know what I mean?”

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