De La Hoya wonders about 'super-fight' of Crawford-Ortiz Jr

After the final bell rang, and Terence Crawford became the undisputed welterweight, once he stopped Errol Spence Jr., during the ninth round of their scheduled twelve-round championship fight, the future fight prognostication already started. 

One idea of was floated this morning by Oscar De La Hoya via Twitter, as a potential clash between Terence Crawford and Vergil Ortiz Jr. 

"What do you think of this super fight at 154," tweeted Oscar De La Hoya as he posted a photo of both Crawford and the fighter he promotes Vergil Ortiz Jr.

Ortiz Jr. was supposed to fight at the beginning of the month but saw his ongoing battle outside of the ring with rhabdomyolysis sideline him once again. This time ending his chances at making the welterweight limit as his secondary world title fight against Eimantas Stanionis was postponed days before the event. Since then, Stanionis has publicly stated he will be going in a different direction and no longer facing Vergil Ortiz in his next bout. On the hand, it was announced that Ortiz would make the leap to junior middleweight from the welterweight division. 

The fight would right now is a fictional affair of two interesting fighters of the modern era. Crawford, an all-time great, and Ortiz, a very interesting prospect/contender looking to make a name for himself on the world stage. 

The elephant in the room is rather apparent - Ortiz's health. Ortiz has not competed since August 2022. It is unclear whether he will be in action in all of 2023, and one would probably prefer to see Ortiz fight before taking a step-up fight. Let alone, Crawford is now one of the biggest names in the sport and can decide whether Ortiz is a big enough name for him to fight. So, in all honesty, this was probably a post to get people talking about a young exciting fighter, signed to Golden Boy Promotions, Vergil Ortiz, and comparing him to one of the greatest fighters of the modern era - and get a conversation started. 

So, would this fight happen next, probably not given Crawford is now seemingly a pay-per-view fighter, but in the future - maybe?