De La Hoya ponders if Garcia could fight for WBA title

Oscar De La Hoya, the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions has hinted at the possibility of Ryan Garcia's next fight could be for the vacant WBA junior welterweight title, as De La Hoya believes the current title-holder, Rolando 'Rolly' Romero, is injured and may receive the 'Champion in Recess' designation.

If that were to happen, this could allow Ryan Garcia to fight Ohara Davies, the number-one mandatory contender for the WBA junior welterweight world title.

De La Hoya explained the following when speaking to FightHub TV. 

“The belts could be at stake, and given the fact that [current WBA champion] Rolly [Rolando Romero] is in Recess [injured]," said De La Hoya to FightHub TV.  So now there are going to be some possibilities to possibly fight Ryan for a world title.”

This comes on the heels of a cryptic tweet from Davies who stated the following on his X account, in which Davies explained he has a fight date. 

"Nothing turns me on more than when you guys say some [expletive] like this, when I win this it will make victory feel much sweeter," tweeted Davies in a quote tweet to someone complaining about the fight.

Davies has expressed his enthusiasm for a fight against the 25-year-old Garcia, seeing it as a lucrative opportunity for himself, and adding fuel to the fire Davies also signed with Golden Boy Promotions this year, making it an in-house fight.

Eric Gomez of Golden Boy Promotions told ProBox TV News earlier this year that they are targeting a mid-November return for Garcia. This would be Garcia's first fight since his seventh-round knockout loss to Gervonta Davis in a record-setting pay-per-view. 

If Ryan Garcia does fight Davies, the victor would potentially face 'Champion in Recess' Rolly Romero in another high-stakes matchup, at some point. The bout between Garcia and Romero would be a 'big one' as they had a viral sparring session that could be revisited.

While all of this sounds good for business it doesn't take into account the number two ranked fighter is Kenneth Sims Jr., and the number three fighter in the division is Ismael Barroso, as something would have to change in the rankings for this bout to be sanctioned for a title.  

While this scenario might not align with what fans' want when it comes to a 'big fight', this fight seems like a real option given the two share the same promoter. 

An interesting subplot would be that both fighters are looking to change the perception of their career as Garcia was stopped by Davies, but Davies was stopped by Josh Taylor in his biggest fight as well. If this fight happens, it would give the winner a big win on their record.