Gervonta Davis unfazed by Bill Haney's comments

Gervonta Davis has responded to some of the remarks made about him recently.

Davis has long been associated with Devin Haney given both fighters close ties to Floyd Mayweather and being around the same age and in the same weight class. 

Another reason is the historic sparring session that took place at the Mayweather Boxing Gym during the final years of Floyd Mayweather's hall-of-fame boxing career. At the time, it felt like just another day in the gym, but in hindsight, it was a small battle in a major war for who would be the next face of boxing to the younger generation. Davis has garnered a lot of fans and proven that he can sell tickets as well as pay-per-views, whereas Haney and Shakur Stevenson have gone after accolades to counteract the popularity of Davis, who seemingly can fight anyone and sell out an arena.

"It's Tanksgiving around here, and I was fortunate enough that Devin [Haney] had a legendary sparring match with Tank, everybody has been talking about it," said Billy Haney to "When he showed up it was doghouse rules, and the only way the money was going to get exchanged was who got stopped."

“That’s what they are supposed to do," said Davis to The Rize Podcast, a media outlet run by his trainers, about Devin Haney and his father, Bill Haney talking about sparring Davis in the past on recent podcasts. "[When asked if Devin Haney could go twelve rounds with Davis as a pro] You and me know [he can’t].”

Davis' coach, Calvin Ford has compared Davis to Aaron Pryor, a great prizefighter of the past. The two are offensively brilliant, and willing to take chances as most high-level fighters are often far too happy to stay complacent or on the outskirts of excitement. Both Pryor and Davis ran to the fire. Though unlike Pryor, Davis is the burnt of this generations top fighters as they all seem to want to get a shot against him, whereas Pryor could never land the big fight against 'Sugar' Ray Leonard. Prior, Calvin Ford, the co-trainer of Davis reflected on this.

"When Tank was little before he went to sleep I used to make him watch [Aaron Pryor] so much," Calvin Ford told ProBox TV a year-and-a-half ago. “Aaron Pryor, he was one-of-a-kind, man. They didn’t want to fight him. They didn’t want to fight him, and I think that was the hold back, because he wasn’t scared to fight nobody.