Davis clarifies knockout statement about Crawford as a 'joke'

The ongoing exchange between high-profile boxing stars Gervonta Davis and Terence Crawford has a new wrinkle.

Despite the two being two weight classes apart, Davis has mostly fought at lightweight, with one appearance at junior welterweight, and Crawford campaigning at welterweight for over a half-decade, and with his sights possibly being set for higher weight classes with fights with Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo. 

Recently Davis stated to DTLR Radio about Crawford.

"Nah, it was just some talking on Twitter going back and forth joking around," said Davis to DTLR Radio, who spurred Davis on to speak on the subject. "I’m the face of boxing so they make a big deal out of anything"

This comes after Davis stated he'd stop Crawford within six rounds if they were to fight at the welterweight limit, but now Davis said that his conversation in Twitter spaces was simply a joke. As Davis feels people have run with something that was said casually without sincere intent, as well as alluded to the fact that he feels he is 'the face of boxing', and that magnified what he said even more. 

When speaking with The Breakfast Club Terence Crawford said the following

"He's got the confidence in himself that he believes he can do that because he's been knocking all these fighters out that he's been in the ring with," said Crawford to The Breakfast Club."..if he comes up to [welterweight] and he's thinking he's just going to knock Terence Crawford out, he's got another thing coming."

Crawford placed a major emphasized that size and experience would be a factor in this fight, as well as later in the interview hinting at the fact that he would stay around for this 'big money fight'.

Will this bout happen one day? Who knows? Yet, the foundation of this fight is being built as neither fighter ruling out the possibility of it, which would be the first hurdle. Now we just have a limited window for it to happen, as Crawford is in his mid-30s, but still - the idea is more than interesting. It would pit potentially the biggest star in Davis against the most critically acclaimed fighter in Crawford, who holds the number-one pound-for-pound spot.