Davis Coach: The Same Thing Ryan Has To Do, Tank Has To Do

We are now less than 48 hours away from a massive showdown between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia, which will occur, Saturday, April 22nd, from the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, NV. 

Davis’ long-time coach, Calvin Ford, talked with Fight Hub TV, on Thursday after a tense and exciting press conference that saw tempers flare. The mild-mannered Davis was even a little peeved at the constant talk of a catchweight and rehydration.

Ford also commented on the evolution of Gervonta Davis, as for this fight - Ford is seeing a lot of growth and maturity. Social cues and ticks that might hint at emotion getting in the way are not present currently as Ford reflected.

“Looking at [Davis], he's calm and that [Instagram Live bet incident] he was calm there, I'm seeing things that I'm not used to seeing them. So that tells me a lot about him,” furthered Davis to Fight Hub TV. “He's maturing. [Tank is becoming the man] who he's going to become.”

As for the way Ford sees the fight playing out and his thoughts on Garcia. Ford, who is always respectful, says that his main concern is the pressing desire Garcia has had to fight Gervonta Davis. Garcia has been calling out Davis for years and even before people believed it was true.

“I wouldn't say it worries me but it makes me think [is] how long [has Ryan Garcia] wanted this fight,” said Ford.  “Before all the [Rolando Romero], before [Devin Haney], all of them was mentioned he wanted this fight in his promoter was like, ‘yo, you ain't ready for tank.’ Now you see everybody on board. So they must believe in their guy. So they got their belief and we got our belief.”

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