David Benavidez vs. David Morrell not a done-deal, both sound off

David Benavidez might fight David Morrell Jr. next, or he might not.

It is boxing's newest drama in a sport filled with dramas. Benavidez, who holds the WBC interim super middleweight title let it be known on Tuesday that he is not signed to fight David Morrell as of now.

“There’s no fight with Morrell lined up,” said Benavidez to Sean Zittel of "I just saw that supposedly they said I agreed to the fight.. we’re not fighting Morrell. So everything that’s been coming out, saying that we agreed to the fight, I haven’t even seen anything." 

This conflicts with various reports that a fight between Benavidez and Morrell is next. As with fear around Canelo versus Benavidez not being finalized many hoped this bout could occur with early reports confirming that

“We want to fight Jaime Munguia," furthered Benavidez. " if we can’t get [Munguia], we’ll probably do Morrell, but I am just saying there’s a lot of fake news out there."

This comes on the heels of a foul-mouthed press release that Morrell issued after the FightHype interview that insulted not just David Benavidez, but also took aim at his father and brother as well.  Jose Benavidez Sr., and Jr.

“David Benavidez is a big [expletive],” said Morrell Jr. “His dad is a big fraud always talking like he’s some tough guy but he’s just a small man with [a] little man complex. His brother wants to be a gangster who talks a lot of shit but got knocked out by Crawford and did a horrible job in the movie Creed. The Benavidez’ are a bunch of cowards. This is the guy you call The Mexican Monster? He’s a fraud. This is the guy everyone is building up. I see a fat insecure boy…that’s what I see. Benavidez couldn’t walk down any street in Cuba without getting his shoes taken. Funny he calls Canelo a duck, who’s the duck now?"

It seems both camps are frustrated and with this hitting the news - we all hope that this doesn't impact a truly interesting fight being made.