Raul Curiel to be moved fast after September 7th fight

September 7th will be the first hopefully many fruitful in-ring experiences for Raul Curiel. The 2016 Rio Olympian, who represented Mexico in the light welterweight division, Curiel has seen activity slow him down. 

Last year he fought just once, and his fight against Courtney Pennington, on Thursday, September 7th, is his first fight of the year - and minor details, it will go head-to-head with the start of the NFL season.

Eric Gomez, the President of Golden Boy Promotions, has high hopes for Curiel, as he detailed to ProBox TV News in a recent exclusive.

"Well, you know, Raul is one of our top prospect, Mexican Olympian, we had him on a little bit of a roll late last year, he got injured he got a cut," told Gomez to ProBox TV News. "It was a deep cut, seven or eight stitches, so we had to wait awhile for it to heal so he is finally coming back, he is motivated."

Gomez also believes that since Curiel has begun working with hall-of-fame boxing coach, Freddie Roach, that Curiel has gone to the next level.

"Ever since he has gotten with Freddie Roach, he has gotten so much better," said Gomez. "He is there, he is knocking on the door to break through [for fights againt the top of the division]. So after this fight, we are going to really start moving him fast. Start [looking to land fights] with some of these fighters who are in the top-ten [of the rankings]."

Curiel echos the faith of his promoter, as he has a similar vision for his career.

"It's a dream come true to fight on September 7 as the main event," said Curiel. "I am now just a couple of steps away from my goal of becoming a world champion. I am going to close this year with a victory, and then look for a chance for a world title."

Curiel, who hails from Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, Mexico, has previously spoken of how boxing was more than a sport; it was a way of life to him. Coming from a family of fighters, and Curiel seeks to continue the fighting family tradition.

Nicknamed "The Cougar," a moniker that reflects his predatory instincts in the ring, Curiel is looking to have a big 2024, and for that to happen he needs to finish this year off right, and in splendid fashion. In short, he needs to be impressive. 

"I think sometime next year he will have some type of significant fight," said Gomez. "Once you start fighting those guys in the top-ten, you get rated. Just moving him up the ladder, getting him closer to some sort of elimination match, or some sort of significant match."