Terence Crawford's trainer open to Canelo fight

Terence Crawford has expressed his eagerness to step up to the super middleweight division and face the winner of the upcoming Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo fight for the undisputed championship at 168 pounds. This comes on the heels of a major media tour that Crawford has been doing as of late, wherein each interview he shares a new nugget of information. Crawford a three-division world champion, is willing to skip junior middleweight and middleweight to pursue a major fight with either fighter. 

Now his coach, Brian "Bomac" McIntyre agrees with Crawford, as when speaking to RingIQ TV 'BoMac' said the following.

"Moving to [super middleweight] Bud walks around at that weight," said McIntyre to RingIQ TV. "I don't see nothing wrong with fighting up there."

It has been noted that Crawford now has the ambition of chasing history once again, as it is rumored that Crawford wants to be a three-division undisputed champion, a feat that has yet to be accomplished in the four-belt era. 

His long-time trainer, states that Crawford is someone who likes a challenge and will seek a challenge. 

"Bud is one of those guys that likes to challenge himself," said McIntyre. "We will do what we always do. Go in the classroom and pick him apart, me, Red, and Saul, we will pick his [expletive] apart."

This is not without some frustration from purists as David Benavidez, Demetrius Andrade, and David Morrell are sitting idly by watching possibly when each are very deserving a big fight at the present moment.

Though Crawford is still awaiting Errol Spence Jr.'s decision on whether or not, he will rematch him, one thing is clear, Spence gets the first decision on Crawford's future, and after that - it appears Crawford will target the biggest names, and probably become weight class agnostic. As Crawford's final act, looks to be one of legacy while competing at the 'money weight' division, one that doesn't exist, but is simply meaning that you fight for the biggest pay days possible. 

It is safe to say that even if Jermell Charlo were to lose to Canelo Alvarez, Crawford has a rivalry with him as well that should prompt a fight at some point. Yet, the most interesting fight could be a battle of legends in Canelo and Crawford.