Crawford hints at Spence rematch being at welterweight

Following the announcement that Errol Spence Jr. invoked a contractual rematch clause for another shot at Terence Crawford, after a brutal knockout loss to Crawford on July 29th, we seem to have some new drama. Originally it was thought that Crawford would show compassion and allow Spence to rematch him at the junior middleweight limit, but now rumblings seem to show that might not be the case, even though Crawford had stated after the fight he was willing to fight at junior middleweight.

Via X, the social media platform most known by its previous name Twitter, Steven "So Cold" Nelson, a long-time friend, training partner, who is undefeated super middleweight and Team Crawford member, posted the following which seemed to imply something different.

"Facts," tweeted Nelson when quote Tweeting another user's message saying Crawford doesn't need to fight Spence at the junior middleweight limit. "...and to all the people out here spreading false narratives. Bud is offering Errol a fight at [welterweight]. If he doesn't take it, which we're hoping he doesn't because it's a waste of time, Bud wants to do [something] that's never been done and move up [three] weight classes to beat Canelo."

The message might lead to dismay from some Errol Spence Jr fans who are looking for redemption as it appears that Spence, who is having trouble making the welterweight weight limit, with some believing that might have contributed to why he lost his last fight, would have to make the cut again - after the worst beating of his career. It appears that some people around Crawford are not too keen on the Spence rematch given the dominant performance put forth by Crawford, who simply outclassed Spence and Brian "BoMac" McIntyre outcoached Derrick James. 

While Spence is entitled to pursue a second bout with Crawford, the winner of the first bout got to pick the weight class for the rematch. With Crawford winning the fight, Spence now has to cave to the demands of Crawford if he wants the bout. 

Beyond that it is clear that two fights exist currently that seem to interest Crawford deeply - and that is a fight with Jermell Charlo, the undisputed junior middleweight champion, who the minute he fights Canelo Alvarez, will lose his WBO title, and Canelo Alvarez, the undisputed super middleweight champion. It is clear Crawford is eyeing the winner of that bout, but for many keen observers, it appears these are two fights Crawford might look for before his career is over. 

For Spence, who Floyd Mayweather recommended move up to middleweight after his loss to Crawford, this puts him in between a rock and a hard place, as his career will more than likely be defined by this saga with Crawford. Now if he wants redemption, he has to fight at a weight he might not be comfortable at anymore.