Crawford to Tank Davis: "Crawford on Gervonta Davis “There ain’t no catch weight, you come up to 147”

In a recent development in the ongoing media tour, Terence Crawford has been doing after his ninth-round technical knockout of Erorl Spence Jr. Crawford has issued a bold challenge to Gervonta Davis regarding a potential bout between the two fighters.

Crawford's stance is clear: no catchweight, which means very little room for negotiations. Crawford firmly asserts that if the fight were to happen, Gervonta Davis must move up to welterweight.

Terence Crawford's declaration is an interesting one - as Davis is one of the biggest names in the sport, but has also been known to get the most out of negotiations. In his last bout, Davis had Ryan Garcia come in at 136 lbs for a catchweight bout that a ten-pound rehydration clause. Crawford clearly has no interest in any form of fights taking place not at his current weight class of welterweight or above. Hence the only way Crawford would fight Davis is if Davis wanted to fight him at welterweight. 

“Tank’s the bigger draw," furthered Crawford. "There are weight classes for a reason - tell him to come up here with the big boys, and I’ll welcome him."

As fans and pundits await Gervonta Davis' response to Terence Crawford's challenge, we also await two things. 1) When will Davis fight again as we are tentatively getting ready for an announcement between Davis and some opponent, yet to be named, and 2) we are waiting to see if Errol Spence Jr., will enact his rematch clause to face Terence Crawford by December 2023. 

One thing is for sure - Davis is one of the biggest names in the sport of boxing and the idea of him fighting Crawford is a mega-fight that gets most hardcore fight fans excited at the idea of it. As you have Davis, one of the biggest draws, and a very talented puncher - taking on the most accomplished modern boxer since Andre Ward. Though the weight classes don't make sense - the excitement of such a fight brings out a child-like joy in most eager to see such an epic bout.