Crawford: Charlo no longer on his hit list, eyes Canelo fight for future

It looks like Jermell Charlo lost two super-fights when he lost one on Saturday night against Canelo Alvarez.  Terence Crawford, the two-division undisputed world champion took to social media to express his disinterest in pursuing a fight against Jermell Charlo. The reason for the lack of effort on Charlo's behalf in trying to win on pay-per-view

Crawford said the following via his social media account. 

"Ok y’all I’m over @TwinCharlo he’s no longer on my hit list. He went out there and laid down and let Canelo spank him like he was his daddy with no type of resistance," said Crawford.

 Rather than going after a fight with Charlo, a man Crawford has had a rivalry with it appears that Crawford might just be willing to put everything on the line and 'risk it' against Canelo Alvarez. Crawford would attempt to become a three-division undisputed world champion, and Showtime executive Stephen Espinoza gave his thoughts on a potential fight between the two.

"“Clearly, fans are interested [in Canelo vs. Crawford]," said Stephen Espinoza when speaking with FightHub TV. "I think it’s a huge financial opportunity for them, so I think if the fans want it, if the fight makes sense, then I think it’s very doable. It’s really up to Canelo where he wants to go after this. If that’s it and he wants to go in that direction.” 

The bout has a bit of a 'video game feel', as Crawford would be coming up twenty-one pounds as opposed to Jermell Charlo who moved up fourteen pounds to face Canelo. So the interest would be that Crawford is a generational great who can defy the weight classes with his exceptional talent. 

"@TwinCharlo you went out sad. Didn’t even try to win, all you did was try to survive. You should be ashamed of yourself," stated Crawford on social media. "Congratulations
@Canelo you made the so-called lion look like a baby cub."

Oh, and we have the lingering fight everyone is waiting on to see if it will happen. The rematch with Errol Spence which now seems to be targeted for 2024, if it were to happen as the days in 2023 seem a bit numbered. Until we figure out if Crawford has to or wants to fight Errol Spence Jr. again after handing him a one-sided beating in July in a pay-per-view mega-fight, no fight involving Crawford can be looked at as valid as Spence for the time being has a rematch clause he has enacted. That being said, Spence has also been missing in action, as he didn't even appear at the fight this past weekend to support his teammate, Jeremll Charlo.

It appears that the lackluster showing against Canelo prompted Crawford to be uninterested in a future fight with Charlo. Charlo's decision to fight cautiously against Canelo seemingly has now cost him fans and a potential huge money fight with Terence Crawford. Despite the disappointment in Charlo's recent display, Crawford's future plans are not unlike Charlo's as both fighters are looking for the biggest money fight available to them.