Conte takes aim at Conor Benn, wants Benn to 'prove the source'

Conor Benn is looking to return against Chris Eubank Jr., though nothing has been formally announced. This comes on the heels of a performance-enhancing drug test failure prior to facing Eubank Jr. on pay-per-view last October. Since then, Benn has been inactive as his status as a pro boxer, and Benn’s career has been in limbo, as he recently has taken legal action to fight back against the allegations against him.

Benn’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, the CEO of Matchroom Boxing, has called, the fight between Benn and Eubank ‘pretty much done,’ as of late. 

Meanwhile the whole time, Benn has insisted he is innocent, citing contamination of eggs he ate as the reason, a women’s fertility drug, clomifene, appeared in his drug test results. 

One who is not buying what Benn is saying is SNAC System founder, and anti-doping advocate, Victor Conte, who has used his Twitter page as a way to share his opinions on Benn.

“Interesting the @conornigel Benn explanations still use terms like "consistent with contamination" & "suggested" source was food & NOT oral,” tweeted Victor Conte. “Food is consumed orally. Even if contamination there is the strict liability rule & he must PROVE the source.”

It is clear that Conte wants Benn to go into further detail on his failed drug test, and is using his public platform to address this issue. 

“Clomid is a fertility drug that will raise testosterone by 50%. It comes in little pink pills. When athletes use testosterone it suppresses their own body's production of testosterone so they use Clomid to boost their own production again,” Conte told ProBox TV News via text nine months ago when the news first broke. “This is the drug that steroid users commonly take after a cycle. It's called PCT. Post Cycle Therapy.”